Swaywaver in a high Version with 50 cm legs

14014000 Swaywaver Treatment couch 19                                                                                                         1899,00 EUR
14014030 Swaywaver Treatment couch 30
Incl. Groundplate                                                                                                                                                       2139,00 EUR
14014050 Swaywaver Treatment couch 50
Incl. Groundplate                                                                                                                                                       2179,00 EUR

A new Dimension of Treatment Couches



The unique construction of Swaywaver offers a feeling like being floating  weightlessly in a threedimensional space. A unique movement feeling and the  possibility toapply treatment methods, which are known until now only from  therapy in water, is given. Swaywaver representsthe direct way to an absolute rest  and relaxation: Intensive and deep, sustainable and extremely soothingfor the whole body.  Treatment methods, provided bySwaywaver, have a regulating and normalizing  effect at the musculature, the fascia and the different reflex points.

Swaywaver makes a treatment a movement experience


There is almost no other treatment method which leadsinto such deep relaxation.  The unique functioning of the Swaywaver treatment couch, in combination with  the specific treatment methods, brings added value to the therapist as well as to  his Patient.



Swaywaver Treatment Techniques

Shiatsu,  dynamic spinal treatment,  classic full and part body treatment, foot reflex zone massage,  fascia massage, deep tissue muscle massage,  head pain and migraine therapy, aroma massage,  Thai massage, cosmetic treatments.


Swaywaver Application Fields


Swaywaver can be used for medical-therapeutical measures in the fields of  occupational therapy, physiotherapy,osteopathy, movement therapy, rehabilitation,  prevention, obstetrics, Snoezelen, for wellness, regeneration and relaxation.


Transform the swaywaver into a small fitness Studio

with the new Pilates Reformer.

for an effective training with your personal Trainer, at your Studio or  at the customer's home


SEMINAR:  Sway Fitness and Therapie  ( 2 days  280.00€ )



Swaywaver mobile


Usually your practice is where your customers are. To facilitate and intensify the  feeling of inner peace and security,it makes sense to work with the  patient/customer in hisfamiliar environment or if the weather permits, even  outdoorin the nature.  The 4-part wooden treatment couch with its take-apart cushion of high quality  foamed material and skin friendly artificial leather, allows a mobile usage.  



Swaywaver can easy and quickly be dismantled.


Completely stored with all accessories in a suitable case with rollers and stands,  you can easily take it with you. Whether for home visits, in wellness hotels, spas or  companies rest areas, with Swaywaver you will inspire your customers of  tomorrow. This totally new way of relaxation and massage makes you unique for  your customers. Requiring a very small amount of floor space, you can create a wellness oasis in no  time at all.



Swaywaver Seminars


Our high quality Swaywaver user seminars „therapy andmassage“, „fitness and  well“ and „beauty and well“ are addressed to therapists, masseurs and lay  therapists. The aims of these seminars are: - to learn the Swaywayver concept,  with all its unique movement and treatment feelings, noticeably in the own body.  Currently there are training centres in  Münsingen ( Germany)and Palma de Mallorca (spain ) 


cost:   280.00€  ( 2 days )

Seminar inquiries and information under :

or send my a email for more Information, You are welcome...

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